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One of the objectives of PRODEIN NON-PROFIT, INC. is to collaborate in providing access to primary and secondary education for the poor in Latin American countries.
Through the Sponsorship Program with a fixed monthly fee, you will help provide a child or young person with a quality education, in a safe place and a balanced diet, which will permit the full development of their intellectual potential and allow them to live a healthy, active life in surroundings favorable to their psychosomatic well-being within the physical and psycho-sociocultural environment in which they live. 
The Sponsorship Program connects people with compassionate hearts (like you) to a child or young person living in poverty, in order to transform the life of both. By offering a child long-term skills, the sponsor helps to establish solid foundations for the development and future of the child. 

Perform an act of charity which impacts the future. Transform the life of a child, along with your own!

You will receive the information about your sponsored child together with their photograph and you can exchange correspondence throughout the year.  And as prayer is fundamental to the environment in which children grow, you will receive the blessings of your sponsored child’s prayers, who will pray for you everyday. 
Please complete the form and make the first payment.  Our sincere thanks for your contribution!
Become a Child Sponsor
One way you can support the missionary works of Prodein Non-Profit, Inc. is by signing up for a fixed periodic contribution through the GreatGiving™ Program.  Our GreatGiving™ Program donors allow us to budget for our charitable services, such as those in the fields of Education, Food Security, Health, Prolife Action, Productive Entrepreneurship, and more.  
Individuals and companies participating in the GreatGiving™ Program receive information of the work supported through personalized letters or a digital bulletin via e-mail. Get involved!  
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“Whatever you have left over, give away as alms; and do not begrudge the alms you give.” (Tb 4.16)

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