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About Us

We are a development nonprofit organization (NPO), founded as a charitable organization 501(c)(3) and based on Catholic values, whose main objective is the complete development of people in all of their facets, both material as well as spiritual, making them agents for their own self-improvement. We collaborate with the different entities of PRODEIN in Spain and Latin America.
We are a Non Governmental Organization (NGO) that is full of idealism and realism, that is dedicated to everything that dignifies people, from their conception until their death. We promote the complete development of men and women according to the principles of the Gospel, and we seek to remedy the wrongs that assail nations, especially those in developing countries, collaborating with local communities in finding solutions to their socio-economic problems, making this development possible through God.
We seek to collaborate in helping civilization to reach its greatest potential according to God’s plan (complete Humanism).
To do this
We plan, set out, promote and maintain all kinds of educational, work, cultural, recreational, agricultural, social, etc. activities that make complete development viable, in particular for those who are most impoverished.
We create bridges between the most and least fortunate.
In this way, we prepare and unite human groups in order to undertake bold actions, urgent reforms, and send them to efficiently address current and future problems.
We construct good platforms for actions for social, educational, informative, commercial, industrial and financial influences.
We are Catholic, and that is why we live in Charity, Truth, Coherence in Faith, Freedom, Transcendental Humanism, Justice, Peace and Common Good.
“The virtue of charity is the wide, fast road on which we can run towards God.” 
(Rev. Rodrigo Molina)



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