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What we do

Along with our educational programs, we also support training for work in the agricultural, commercial and fashion sector, so that there can be a transfer of technology to vulnerable people in the area.
MODAS JACINTA (Jacinta Fashions)

We support a very interesting entrepreneurship in Venezuela: Modas Jacinta (Jacinta Fashions)

Through comprehensive and professional training of low-income women in needlecraft, Modas Jacinta offers high quality clothing made out of new material with some percentage of recycled one.

Besides its cooperation to modest fashion, this project’s income is destined to the program: EDUCA y AMA (Educate and Love) which supports educational and nutritional security for children and young people attended by ABC Prodein Venezuela.


“Saint Joseph´s craftsmen” (Artesanos de San Jose) program
We support new ideas to turn them into successful enterprises

Along with the education programs that we promote through our local partners, we also support training for work in the agricultural and industrial industry of young people, farmers from the most vulnerable areas and patients who have visited some of the medical centers in Cusco. This is the case of “Saint Joseph´s craftsmen” (Artesanos de San Jose) program, which has started at the Hospital Hermana Josefina Serrano for disabled patients, most of them paraplegics.

With this initiative we seek that discharged patients can enter the labor market easily and for admitted patients, it serves as occupational therapy. They get training in marketing and sales "online" from partner companies.

The products and crafts of “Saint Joseph´s craftsmen” are sold at fairs and social events.
With your contribution, you help us turn these fresh ideas into development for many people every day.
Fundo Antapacha for a rich and healthy diet.

In Yucay - Peru, we support an entrepreneurship  project: "FUNDO ANTAPACHA", a craft producer of various cheeses, yogurt, jams and honey, which are used in everyday life to complete a rich and healthy diet.

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