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If you want to be in the know about what’s going on at Prodein Non Profit, Inc., you’ve come to the right place.


In 2018, 36,178 patients were attended free of charge, the majority of whom are impoverished rural people.
Help the team of doctors, nurses and volunteers from "Hermana Josefina Serrano" Hospital to keep up their work.

They cannot accomplish their mission without your support. Please, make your donation to this great cause:

This morning PRODEIN NON-PROFIT INC. shipped a full 20 feet container from New York to Peru. Shipped goods included school supplies, hygiene and cleaning products, office supplies and household items; among other things, to benefit schools, hospitals and rural communities in Cusco.
Thank you, to all the donors and volunteers who devoted their time with much love and enthusiasm to organize and prepare this container.

May the Lord, who is the best payer, reward your generosity and effort.

The Campaign Against Hunger of PRODEIN NON-PROFIT INC. continues in New Jersey. This time, on Saturdays, volunteers will be asking for donations on Union City streets for the 2019 projects in the following countries: 

PERU: Soup kitchens in Cusco  

COLOMBIA: Our Lady of Hope School in the Santa Viviana neighborhood, Bogota. 

DOMINICAN REPUBLIC: "Santa María de la Altagracia" School, Santo Domingo 

HAITI: Family Health Center Lucelia Botemps of the "María Magdalena" Mission.  

A child's life can change if he receives adequate nutrition.

Please help us in our fight against hunger!

Money raised will benefit the "Josefina Serrano" Hospital and the "Red de Comedores" -dining halls- both in Cusco, Peru.

The more you get tickets, the greater your chance of winning prizes - and the money will go to vulnerable people of rural communities!
Please call us today: 201-866-5533 or mail to

The drawing will be held on June 21, 2019 at 6:00 p.m. and the winner will be notified by email and/or phone!
Please participate!

What gifts will you be giving this Christmas? Have you also thought about giving a gift to a person in need?

On December 21st a raffle will take place to benefit the vulnerable children and elders of Peru and of the Dominican Republic.
GIVE your best GIFT this Christmas by making your raffle DONATION today!

Contact us: 1 (201) 866 5533 or

Sunday November 18: Prodein Non-Profit Inc. hosted its annual Charity Lunch event to benefit the hospital “Hna. Josefina Serrano” in Cusco, Peru.
200 people attended from friends, volunteers, and collaborators. A pianist performed classical music at the taste of the attendees. There were various raffles and awards, also the campaign “NAVIDAR” was introduced to benefit the food pantries in Cusco.
Thank you so much for the collaboration of all!!
Let’s continue moving forward for the integral development of those most in need.

PRODEIN NON-PROFIT INC. invites you to the ANNUAL CHARITY LUNCH for the benefit of the "Hna. Josefina Serrano" hospital in Cusco, Peru. Date: November 18, 2018.
Place: "Santa Rosa de Lima" Hall in Union City.
Make sure you come!

A 40-foot container will be shipped to Peru on October 16.

About 5,000 students of rural communities and their families, as hundreds of sick people will be benefited with this shipment of medicines, medical equipments, school supplies, food, clothes, household items and toys, also.

PRODEIN is grateful to the volunteers for having worked with love and enthusiasm, and to the donor and Seaboard Marine as well.

We couldn't reach our goal without all of you!

José Cruz Vicente Letamendía y Rosa María Urra
+ August 9, 1970

A missionary family model.

José Cruz and Rosa Mari lovingly and generously dedicated their married life to the service of the poorest of the poor in Cusco, Peru.
They also encouraged many missionaries and volunteers to dedicate years of service to the most needy. All these efforts have helped to develop the PRODEIN of today.

“… José Cruz was a model lay missionary… They were both deeply faithful to the Gospel. Here they gained our love... The Lord is rewarding them in eternity for all the good work they did in our enterprise. On that day, as they were flying, we thought they were traveling to their homeland, but actually the Lord switched their destination towards Heaven...They are truly a role model.” (from a letter of Fr. Rodrigo Molina).

The Spring Raffle has been drawn on May 23. These are the winning numbers:

1º Prize # 0871
2º Prize # 2341
3º Prize # 1651
4º Prize # 0108
5º Prize # 1015

Congratulations to the winners!
Thank you for contributing to the success of the Spring Raffle.

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