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What we do

At PRODEIN NON PROFIT INC., we work to promote the complete development of the human being with transformative programs that build up social and human capital through the articulation and transversality of two dimensions: the natural and the supernatural, in order to construct a life project focused on the person, family and community, upheld in the values of the Gospel.
Our programs are intended and focus mainly on children and adolescents in extreme poverty and marginalized adults and women in vulnerable conditions. To do this, we develop programs in the United States and collaborate with our allies in the Americas. At Prodein we work towards:
Our main task is to be a bridge between those who have more and those who have less. To do this, we carry out activities in order to link those who can help us in our work through their resources—not only economic, but also human (through volunteering)—in such a way as for them to be the main actors of integral humanism (Cf. Catholic Social Teaching). With this objective, we develop campaigns, projects and activities in the United States which allow for raising people’s awareness regarding volunteerism and collaboration for social action activities. 

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