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Father Molina Centennial: Life changing virtues.

My name is Mariabetania Pérez. I discovered PRODEIN two years ago in Venezuela. I was amazed by the look of the missionaries, the strength of their words and the fact that they never lose the opportunity to bring the Word and love of God everywhere they go.

I started making some donations, without much commitment, and as usual, God started to ask a little bit more of me. From a ride to make market purchases to assisting events and activities of the institution such as donations in the schools and bazaars for  fundraising.

In each activity I learned a lesson, an example of what was PRODEIN and its essence. Everytime I went there, the missionaries gave me something to read and reflect. That’s how I meet Fr. Molina, the man who “believed in the Gospel”, just how his biographical book was titled, published by Testimonio Publishing in 2003. A man with a lot of faith, who would put his trust in prayer, and that’s how he carried out his work.

I, at that moment, was seeing the results, the harvest of a dream that this Father had thought .I was taken part of something great, I was complementing the transcendence of a person who created a great work, and it still remained because the Lord accompanied him, in addition to being endowed with great qualities and virtues.

Father knew and so he would always preach that there’s no possible charity without a straight order that keeps the being what it is. According to what I have read in his book, and the things I’ve heard from the missionaries, he had as an absolute requirement the fulfillment of his duties and of those of everyone who surrounded him. In the presence of Father Molina, no child or teacher dared to do something improper in the slightest.

Of his life and the people who met him and worked with him there are phrases like:

“He was very persistent, perseverance above all”

“Constancy was a duty that he carried to the last consequences. And time, an immeasurable value, the biggest sin for him was losing time. ”

“He demanded obedience, but blind, one-eyed. You had to cover your eyes, he asked us for a dedication in body, soul and utensils”

“He had a very good mood. But in life and daily operations he was a person of method, with a work system very austere and self-sacrificing.”

This year PRODEIN celebrates 100 years of the birth of its founder, father Rodrigo Molina. It is gratifying to see how a life can be an example for many people and it keeps helping the development of many lives and It can still be today a bridge between God and other people, from one charity action at a time.

Today I can say that my life changed since I  met PRODEIN. I’m a witness that conversion can occur thought charity works and you can bring the love of God wherever you go.

Father Molina and his example made me believe in the Gospel and its promise, just as he has done with many other people. If you have an anecdote with father Molina we would love to know it, we would love to see how far the father’s work has come and continue to inspire more lives in his Centennial Month.

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