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The end of the year is almost here. It’s inevitable to look back and remember all that we’ve lived through and received.

We give thanks for all the blessings we’ve received and the work that was accomplished: #GivingTuesday Campaigns allowed us to support 1,600 people in eight soup kitchens in Venezuela; food was distributed each month to 20 families in Santiago de los Caballeros, Dominican Republic; 270 children were sponsored in Peru and the Dominican Republic through the Sponsorship Program; and there was the distribution of 1,200 meals to children and elderly people in rural communities, through the soup kitchen network in Cusco, Peru.

Father Molina dies on April 28 of 2002. By this time, his work was consolidated in more than ten countries, with missionaries and volunteers that watched over its fulfillment and mission.

There are more than 1,500 people linked as collaborators and volunteers, of which a 50% render its full time service as professionals or hired staff. The social programs are active in 168 houses in more than ten countries in Latin America.

This year PRODEIN celebrates 100 years of the birth of its founder, father Rodrigo Molina. It is gratifying to see how a life can be an example for many people and it keeps helping the development of many lives and It can still be today a bridge between God and other people, from one charity action at a time.

The Sponsorship Program connects compassionate people, like you, and a child living in poverty to transform the life of both. To offer a child long-term tools, the sponsor helps lay foundations to the development and future of the child.
Through a fixed fee, you can help to provide a child or young person a quality education in a safe place and balanced nutrition. A child who eats is a child who is able to learn and grow for a future full of opportunities.

In the last months, while everybody stayed home for the sanitary worldwide emergency, our missionaries and volunteers saw the perfect opportunity to keep reaching the goals of Prodein Non-Profit Inc.: Bring humanitarian aid to the populations and people in extreme need.
Several initiatives happened at PRODEIN, which we’d like to share with you, in the face of this serious crisis. Our commitment is to create platforms of love and service to attend emergency situations of the most vulnerable people.

We are living in complicated times. People are in their homes, fearful of contagion and a lot of anxiety about the uncertain future.

Those who work in helping others know the need to remain calm and maintain trust.

We at PRODEIN choose to practice charity within our closest circle. On March 27, we began the #MercyRing campaign with the desire to bring happiness and hope, first to volunteers and donors of #PRODEIN and to the ones who came to us with their needs: a phone call to express that “we are here to help.”

In 2012, the Agrotechnical School started, which is the only one in its class in this area of Argentina.

The community is of a very low socioeconomic status, and there are few stable jobs.

The Agrotechnician School Center helps students to be included in the labor world through the development of the program.

24 students graduates from the Agrotechnician School in 2019. They obtained the title of Technician in Agricultural Production and are skilled in environmental research, gardening, fodder, cereals, rural workshops, agricultural mechanics, machinery, organization and management of the agriculture enterprise and farming related.

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