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A place of welcome and peace

The Oropesa Comprehensive Care Center, Cusco, Peru, is a welcoming place where you can breathe peace and warmth, which only people filled with God can give.  In it, we care for elderly adults in a state of abandonment and disabled patients with trauma after-effects, spinal and cranial injuries, including those in a vegetative state.



Through the San Juan Pablo II Program, they receive comprehensive medical care, physical therapy, psychological therapy, and, as a great addition, occupational therapy that prepares them for engaging in manual crafts, an honest way to earn a living and be useful in society to the best of their abilities.  Beautiful pieces made with their hands, with techniques that they learned there and that bear their brand name: "Artesanos de San José".



The Comprehensive Care Centre has 20 health professionals, together with catering, cleaning and administrative staff. It is under the guidance of missionaries who provide personal companionship to patients, especially spiritual support.


To continue this hard work of all the Centre's staff, we need the financial contribution of Collaborating Partners.  That is, of those who share our ideal of giving comprehensive help to patients (physically and spiritually), especially those who do not have resources and are welcomed and cared for free of charge.


How to become a collaborating partner?


It is very easy! Clic here and follow the steps.

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