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We end the year with a flourish, and we'll tell you why.

Misiones ABC PRODEIN has finally achieved the first medical operation in the Barrio la Herradura in Santiago de los Caballeros – Dominican Republic  

We applaud and thank a group of collaborating doctors from Santo Domingo and Santiago de los Caballeros (2 dentists and 2 general practitioners) were able to attend to 140 people, 50 of them for dentistry. In the Barrio la Herradura in Santiago de los Caballeros – it does not have any office, which had to adapt the Chapel that at the time is in a precarious situation, because it is built of sticks surrounded by comején but this did not stop with the help of its managers and the missionaries enable it as a clinic for the occasion and with a lot of hygiene and love the families were attended, both in the sector and in very remote places that do not have access especially to the dental part. Some cases of extractions was quite an achievement, as other doctors did not dare to do so. Facts like these are another sign that when you want you can do a lot of good and that even if we do not believe it, many of our brothers and sisters need us. They count on you thank you very much.


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